Welcome to Prime Appliance Service

Who are we?

We are not a franchise, (this keeps our prices down) we are a family owned business, who knows the area, lives in the area and cares for the area. We've been in the Illawarra for around 20 years, bringing you personal service, quality and support.

Why a family owned business?

Family-owned businesses are recognised today as an important and distinct organisation. They still operate in every country and may be the oldest form of business. They are concerned for the long-term relationship between themselves and their customers, and with fairness in the workplace where the care and concern for customers and employees is often likened to that of an extended family. Family-owned companies are more stable, they tend to have a high level of trust and commitment, both to employees and customers, how the company behaves reflects the family's personal integrity.

What is it we do

Firstly, we value our customers.
Secondly, We rent appliances to individuals over a fixed term. At the end of that term you can own the goods, conditions do apply, click here for more information or contact our office today to see how we can help.
Thirdly, We repair various whitegoods and appliances. click here for more information.